Careers at MGA Entertainment

Sr. Technical Copywriter

Requisition ID: 9200381763752_1
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US
Date posted: May 10, 2022


Writes copy for Instruction Manuals (IM) and supervises activities in the Instruction Manual writing department. Ensures department’s new and existing IMs are in accordance with established documentation procedures. 


  1. Develops standard documentation methods to effectively communicate product concepts and use. 
  2. Ensures any necessary internal process documentation. 
    • Supervise instruction manual staff in their day to day job tasks and review and/or edit their documents for accuracy and completeness
    • Develop and/or implement new policies/procedures/standards and/or rules/regulations 
  1. Provide consultation, makes recommendations, gives appropriate advice, and/or facilitates decision to staff
    • Write, route, correct, finalize and archive instruction manuals for a diverse assortment of products in order to increase consumer satisfaction and minimize product returns.
    • Develop knowledge of past and current products and product audience.
    • Meet strict deadlines.
    • Interface with Product Development, Quality Assurance, Legal, Customer Service and other departments to revise and finalize manuals.
    • Ensure clear, logical copy combines with appropriate illustrations to create easy-to-understand instructions.
    • Create accurate instructions for complex product functions.
    • Handle and complete multiple, varied projects daily.


  • Conduct all activities in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  These Laws pertain to such areas as abuse, antitrust, employment discrimination, environmental fraud, false claims, lobbying and political activity, self-referral prohibitions and tax.
  • Promote the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.  Associates must represent our organization accurately and honestly, and must not engage in any activity intended to defraud anyone of money, property or services.   Associates must act in good faith in our organization’s best interests.
  • Maintain confidentiality, and protect confidential and proprietary information about associates and our organization.
  • Conduct activities and relationships with others so as to avoid actual conflict of interest, in fact or even appearance.  In the event of conflicts, associates must make full disclosure and take appropriate action under the company’s Conflict of Interest Policy.
  • Conduct business transactions with suppliers, contractors, vendors and other third parties at arm’s length, and without offers of or solicitations for gifts, favors or other improper inducements.
  • Exercise responsible stewardship to preserve and protect our organization’s assets by making prudent and effective use of its resources.
  • Ethics & Compliance
  1. Accept responsibility to adheres to company policies and procedures.
  2. Develop and maintain an environment of respect and value.
  3. Communicate any legal or ethical violations or concerns to appropriate personnel.
  4. Will not retaliate against any associate and will report retaliation to appropriate personnel immediately.


BA/BS in English, Journalism, or Technical Communications


  • Excellent written skills.  
  • Ability to communicate information and ideas clearly, and concisely through writing and design while keeping the end consumer in mind.
  • Excellent knowledge of grammar and punctuation.
  • Must speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally
  • 5 years work experience in writing technical documentation with at least 2 years of supervisory experience
  • Ability to work well under pressure, handle multiple projects concurrently and adhere to strict deadlines.
  • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Microsoft Outlook, Photoshop and Microsoft Excel.
  • The ability to work independently, function effectively as a member of a team 
  • Read, interpret, and apply laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or procedures 
  • Ability to create line art graphics and instructional layouts 
  • Photography aptitude 
  • Ability to hand draw